Updated: Jul 24th 2020

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Simple tools and intelligence to increase user confidence.

We’re on a mission to strengthen user confidence in small and independent websites so they may better compete with the big tech giants. Because a more competitive and trustworthy web is a better web.

For website owners

Our website optimization and monitoring platform provides real-time intelligence and easy-to-implement tools that boost site performance and user confidence.
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For website users

Use our browser plugin to get an easy Confidence Score on the sites you visit so you can know which sites are more trustworthy and browse with confidence.
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The Confidence Score analyzes 50+ metrics so you can better understand how users perceive your site.

There are a number of factors that your site visitors both consciously and unconsciously consider before they submit their personal information or make a purchase on your site. Use our FREE tool to get an objective Confidence Score so you can understand the various problem areas that might be hurting your site’s performance.

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The FREE Digital Trust dashboard includes a comprehensive action plan for website administrators to boost their Confidence Score.

If you aren’t doing everything you can to earn user trust you are likely losing new followers and sales. Our action plan simplifies fixing problem areas and making website optimizations to boost user confidence in your site.

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Our premium suite of tools helps website administrators save time implementing common user trust and compliance features.

The trust landscape is growing in complexity, from confusing legislation like GDPR and CCPA, to ever-evolving user attitudes to what constitutes a trustworthy browsing experience. We’ve created a suite of premium tools to help save you time while boosting website performance.


Confidence Monitoring

Keep an extra set of eyes on your website. We’ll regularly check 50+ key areas of your site and alert you to any changes that might impact user confidence.

Cookie Opt-Ins

GDPR and other major privacy regulations require an opt-in for cookie usage and full transparency with your users on what you collect. Our drop-in code snippet simplifies the cookie opt-in process for you.

Identity Verification

Your visitors want to know you are who you say you are. By using the Digital Trust Confidence Center, you get an easy-to-implement, third-party verified badge for your site that confirms your identity with your users.

Net Promoter Score

NPS is one of the most effective ways you can track how users feel about your site. Our drop-in code snippet and dashboard simplifies the process of surveying how your users rate you over time.

Policy Builder

Users want plain language policies that are easy to find. Our policy builder tool helps you keep your policies in one place that conveniently follows the users as they browse your site.

Visitor Feedback

Want to know what your visitors think? Collect feedback with our easy drop-in code snippet and manage it all in one place through your dashboard.
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