Updated: Feb 9th 2021

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Simple tools to increase visitor trust on your site.

When site visitors feel confident about a site, they are more likely to engage and make purchases. Our tools & insights help independent ecommerce sites optimize for digital trust to help them win more customers.

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Our website optimization and monitoring platform provides real-time intelligence and easy-to-implement tools that boost site performance and user confidence.
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When you see our trustmark on a site, you can browse confidently knowing the site owner is serious about digital trust and has optimized their site for security and performance.
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We scan your site across 50+ trust factors including:

  • Usability – Is your site fast, well-designed and accessible?
  • Safety – Is your site safe to use? Are your data and privacy practices up to date?
  • Transparency – Are you who you say you are?
  • Reputation – How do site visitors rate your site?

Along with your trust score, we’ll provide you with an action plan that identifies digital trust optimizations you should make on your site. 

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Based on your site’s trust score, you may qualify for a free trustmark. This easy-to-implement code snippet gives your visitors:

  • Clear visual indication that an independent third party has deemed your site trustworthy
  • Easy to find contact information and key site policies
  • A simple feedback tool to let future visitors know they can shop confidently on your site

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