What is DigitalTrust?

Updated: Dec 22nd 2020

We give business owners the tools and intelligence they need to boost safety and trustworthiness on their site, and it starts with a trust score

By simply entering a URL, we quickly analyze more than 50 trust factors in four primary categories (usability, safety, transparency, and reputation) to provide a 0-100 rating. While the trust score and report sheds light on a site’s vulnerabilities, it’s the action plan that provides a roadmap for business owners to make improvements, in turn, making website visitors feel confident browsing and buying on the site. 

And that’s just the beginning. The DigitalTrust suite is continuing to grow. The following tools are coming soon to help you create a more trustworthy online experience. 

  • Trust Monitoring – Receive timely updates as your score changes and we detect new action items you should address on your site. 
  • Competitor Analysis – Take our trust monitoring one step further by tracking how you stack up to your closest competitors. 
  • Visitor Feedback – Collect feedback from past visitors to improve your trust score and show off to future visitors that see our trustmark on your site. 
  • Browser Plugin – Designed to help website visitors gauge the trustworthiness of a site.

The trustmark is an easy to install code snippet for your site that simplifies essential steps to enhancing user trust.

We are launching a full suite of tools that are FREE for beta users!

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What is DigitalTrust?
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Why does digital trust matter?

“Trust is one of the things that permeates across the whole business,” says Stephen Walsh, director of security for Northern Europe, CA. “It is the bedrock of business and without it organizations are going to struggle to keep their existing customers, gain new customers or enter new markets.”

– CSOOnline.com

“In the digital age those brands that have the highest levels of Digital Trust will naturally become the preferred choice for consumers.

Digital Trust is an outcome that you can influence but not control, where confidence in your digital services drives consumer loyalty, unlocking a new kind of relationship and huge untapped potential.”


“As users’ relationship with the digital economy evolves, they will demand more trust guarantees. And as with everything else in our digital evolution, users’ expectations and interests will change quickly. It will be up to all digital companies to keep up and innovate in this new frontier for competitiveness: winning digital trust.”

– Harvard Business Review

How trusted is your website?

Try the Confidence Score and find out.