Updated: Dec 17th 2020
Digital Trust Optimization

Businesses can only display our trustmark on their website if they have been optimized for visitor safety and performance in these key areas:


  • Usability – Does the site load fast? Is it designed well and is it readable and usable for all visitors?
  • Safety – Is the site secure? Does it use industry standard privacy and data collection practices?
  • Transparency – Is the site transparent? Are policies and business information pages easy to find?
  • Reputation – Is the site reputable? Do past visitors report a positive experience on the site?

You may have spotted other trustmarks or badges on websites. Unlike other services, we score websites based on the above criteria, and sites bearing our trustmark must maintain high scores, in addition to providing verified business information.

Browser Plugin Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that the DigitalTrust browser plugin is almost here! We’re putting the finishing touches on a free plugin that will make browsing safer and more trustworthy for all. Look for more details soon!